“Snock”men – Sock Snowmen

These snowmen made out of white socks are so cute. They cost a fortune to buy pre-made from certain handmade craft websites, considering that you probably have all the makings just sitting around. Sock snowmen are easy to make and can be tailored to fit a specific theme. I would say you could crank out an army of these adorable snowpeople. Here is what you need.

White socks – Check

Rice – Check

Dry Beans – Check

Overflowing Craft Leftovers , ribbons, google eyes, thread, miniature hats, pom poms, fabric scraps, yarn, anything and everything you have left over from previous craft projects – check, check, check, check, check…

To start, you need to fill up your sock with beans and rice. I like to start with about an inch of beans to serve as a base. Then I fill the sock about half way with a rice and bean mix. The mix gives a good lumpy shape. I have no idea how a snowman really looks because I have lived in Texas my whole life. While we occasionally get snow, it is never enough to make a real snowman in the yard.

Oh, my sad winter non-experiences.

Roll the sock over your hand and use a scoop to deliver the rice and beans to the sock.


I always finish filling my snowmen with a layer of beans. This keeps the rice from falling out of the top of the snowman’s cap. Use a length of yarn or embroidery thread to tie shut the sock once you fill it half way.

Tie it nice and tight so that no frijoles get out.

Now it is time to make the cap. I start by pulling the top of the sock all the way down the snowman. Then I pull up back up about half way. Then I arrange, arrange, arrange until I am happy with the form, folds and shape of the cap.

Each one is different.

Don’t force it.

It will show you how it wants to be.

Oh happy little snowman’s cap, you are so cute!!

To define the “neck”, tie yarn around the top 1/3rd of the snowman right about where the bottom of it’s cap comes. This creates the cozy looking snowmen.

Find some awesome ribbon to use for a scarf and tie that around the yarn “neck”.

These are the little babies!! So adorable

Hot glue on a pom-pom on the top of the cap. Glue on buttons, google eyes, fabric shapes, anything your little heart desires on to your snowman. If you have miniature hats, cut off the top part(the cap) after you have filled and tied off the sock. I make these snowmen in many different sizes. I use little girls’ bobby socks to make the small ornament sized one that can be hung on the Christmas tree. With these babies, I usually paint on faces with a tiny outlining brush. I use regular adult socks to make families of snowmen to set out on  bookshelves, side tables or as a table center piece. In the past I have used different colored embroidery thread to stitch on initials to the tummy of the snowmen. These would great place cards that could then be taken home by your guests to adore their Christmas tree.


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