Easter Egg Decorating

I have memories of the smell of vinegar, the clinking sound of thin metal wire on glass, and being able to just see over my Grandmommy’s counter at little glasses filled with egg dye. I remember wear on old shirt about twenty sizes to big and dragging the sleeves through everything. I remember decorating Easter eggs as a child.

When my mother planned a Easter egg decorating activity for her friends at their bi-weekly lunch get-togethers, I got a little excited. The egg collecting began. Every time I used an egg, I had to carefully break the end of the egg and fight to get the contents out through the smallest hole possible. Then the cleaning and drying and finally, keeping those eggs protected and safe. But they all survived to the day of the decorating. And I got some pretty pictures.

You are going to need dye, craft supplies, someplace to dry eggs and someplace mess proof to dye and craft.

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With all the lunch guests, there was a copious variety of dyes. There was even fancy glitter dyes. The amount of craft supplies made my head a little dizzy. We had ribbons, buttons, stickers, glitter, glue, paints and so many odds and ends.

Dye the eggs. Then let them dry.

This egg was dyed twice. First it was taped off with electrical tape and dipped in yellow, let dry and retaped and dyed blue. The effect was pretty nice.

This egg was wrapped with a couple of rubber bands. This process produces subtle, thin lines. It is hard to see on this egg because it was a brown egg before it was dyed orange.

Covered in buttons.

Don’t rush the decorations, the egg must be completely dry before any glue will stick.


One response to “Easter Egg Decorating

  1. so pretty!! nice work!

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