Old Fashion Town Square

I have always dreamed of living in a cute little town. A place where everyone knows everyone. All the ladies sit and gossip in the salon while they get their hair done. I would own a little bakery or maybe a cafe. Maybe live on a nice big piece of land. And get to walk around a cute little town square.

So here it is. Maybe this is my way of moving there without actually picking up and leaving.

It took me about two days to get this drawing done. I haven’t picked up a sketchbook in many years. I had to research online about drawing with a two point perspective.

I had ordered these canvases a couple of weeks ago because I knew I wanted to paint a triptych(three panels). As you can see I had to add to my original drawing to make keep the focus on the buildings. Otherwise I would have had this huge empty foreground. It is hard to see to see the two buildings I added.

In other news, we finished the side and back fence. I will be editing and posting as soon as I have a chance. It has been very chaotic the past two weeks. I also have a post on making pizza that we made the weekend before Easter and I just haven’t had a chance to edit those photos.


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