Adventures in Fence Building – Part 2

The last fence was pretty. I love it. It had my vote.

But my parents had their reservations.

It was short. The total height does not reach above the current post height.

My dad felt that it was too much work to cut each horizontal picket to size.

For the rest of the existing fence we would have to purchase 8 foot pickets to span the distance from post to post.

So we went back to the drawing board.

The new plan was tested out on the driveway fence.

This is how the fence looked before work started.

I made up a schedule to keep us organized and moving along.

Fence Schedule

  1. Cut new post extensions to size
    1. Measure old post and calculate height to 81 inches from highest ground
  2. Take down old pickets, rot boards, and 2x4s
    1. Save old pickets and remove all nails
  3. Power wash old posts
  4. Plane old pickets
    1. Plane best looking pickets that are free from cracks
  5. Attach new post extensions
    1. Toenail screw into place
  6. Attach new 2x4s and tack in place new cap(5/4×6)
    1. Attach 2x4s flush with ‘back side’ of posts in middle and flush with top of post extensions
    2. Attach cap(5/4×6) across top of posts
  7. Measure down and attach new rot boards
    1. Measure down 70.5 inches from top of post, this is where the top of the rot board should meet, flush with ‘back side’ of post
  8. Attach new pickets
    1. Tack on new pickets leaving a 4 inch space between each. Tack to top 2×4.
  9. Attach old pickets
    1. Nail in place over the 4 inch space,  nailing through both old and new pickets at top, middle and bottom.
  10. Attach 1x4s
    1. Attach 1×4 over pickets at top,  and bottom
  11. Reinforce cap (5/4×6)
  12. Attach a cover  board to hide post extension

After demolition, we started by measuring our existing posts, and attaching extensions to bring all the posts up to 81″ from the ground. We attached the extensions with pocket screws.

My father had heard of making these story sticks for woodworking projects. So we took a 1×1 and measured and marked out exactly where our 2x4s and rot board would be.

This allowed us to use the story stick as a pattern and mark each post the same. Measure and install the 2×10 rot board. Make sure it is level and attach with pocket screws between existing posts.

Measure and cut 2×4 for top and middle supports. Attach with pocket screws in between posts.

Using a nail gun, attach new pickets, spaced 4 inches apart.

Nail old, freshly planed pickets over the 4 inch gaps between the new pickets. This is where we have found a problem. Because the pickets shrink over time they begin to pull and if attached on both edges, will split down the length of the board. We decided to just nail on the right edge of the picket, making sure the nail goes through both the old picket, the new picket and into the 2×4 at the top and middle.

This is the cap piece. Attach it with screws into the top of each post.

Screw the 1×4 at the top and bottom of each fence panel.

The new fence… we still hadn’t decided on how to cover the post extensions. In this photo I wrapped the posts with scraps we had left over. Not happy, doesn’t look right… have to figure out something else.


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