Foodography – Food Photography Course

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in a free food photography 3 day course fromcreativeLIVE! The amazing people there bring free online courses for people of the webnet.

I had the opportunity to watch and participate in this course with Penny De Los Santos as the teacher. This marvelous woman is so completely passionate about her work. It was so inspiring to watch as she described her process and to see her work… I don’t have word… it was incredible. Just incredible!

Penny’s list of accomplishments is a long one, working as a photo journalist for National Geographic and now for Saveur magazine. She also is honored with many awards. If you love photography and blogs, you should check out her blog Appetite.

If you missed out, you buy the course download from the people at creativeLIVE. It is pretty pricey but totally worth it. And you can check out their upcoming free live courses.

I hope that I picked up a thing or two and can up my photography game for my little blog. I definitely realized a few tips on how to better connect with the subject of my photographs and how to make a great picture.


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