Trellis for Mom’s Roses

We had a copious amount of scraps left over after all the fence building.

Large scraps…

old and new scraps…

and small scraps. A lot of scraps!!

And after fence building, we left my mother with this…

a broken trellis, hanging out into the driveway. And a wonderful rose bush scrapping the sides of the vehicles as you pull into the garage.

So I scrounged through the scraps and found the right pieces.

I laid out the pieces on the ground to get an idea of what I was going to do. Aww, it doesn’t look like much now but just you wait!

I screwed the long thin scraps together to make stronger posts for the trellis.

I next trimmed all the cross bars to the same length. Using a nail gun, I nailed in all the cross bars. The above picture is the back, as the cross bars are laying flush with the front of the posts.

Thinking I was done, I lifted the trellis only to realize that the thin, headless nail gun nails were not exactly strong enough to hold together the monstrously(meaning- beyond a normal or acceptable limit) large trellis. I seem to have this problem when I build thing. I have trouble reigning in my enthusiasm and things end up… OVER-SIZED.

Problem solver – screwing a long support piece, spanning the width of the whole trellis, behind the wide top and bottom cross bars.

All together and standing. That only took about 45 mins.

Getting the trellis in the ground took another hour. First, I dug out narrow holes in line with the posts.  Second, I got up on the rickety ladder and repeatedly pounded the posts with a rubber mallet. After a while, I felt like there was a stall in progress, so the soaker hose got turned on and I took a snack break for 20 minutes.

In the end, I couldn’t get the trellis as far into the ground as I would have liked, but my mother was very happy, I was very sweaty and my little helper could barely sit still for this photo. The trellis is handsome and echoes the lines and style of the new fence. And all within 2 hours. It was a satisfying afternoon.


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