Carrot Cake Sandwiches – part 2

Carrot Cake Sandwiches

The Sandwich Part

I have to be honest, this filling was something I concocted while waiting for the Italian Wedding Cake inspired Carrot Sheet Cake to finish baking. I was thinking of what kind of frosting or glaze I was going to top a sheet cake with. Normally, I top my favorite carrot cake with a maple syrup glaze, but this was a sheet cake.

I was at my sister’s for the weekend and she had 5, yes FIVE, bags of marshmallows left over from her birthday beach weekend. I guess she planned on making a lot of Rice Crispy Treats and S’mores but ended up with way too many marshmallows. I was thinking of Martha’s swiss butter cream frosting and how sugary, light and airy it is. That is where the marshmallows came in. Sugary, light and airy.



25 marshmallow
2 Tablespoons butter


Yep that is all, marshmallows and butter.

First Attempt

Now, I had never microwaved marshmallows before and I learned a messy lesson.

Marshmallows expand when microwaved. When I checked on them after about a minutes, they seemed to have expanded and filled half of the microwave. I yanked open the door. By the time I got the camera to the microwave they had deflated quite a bit but most had escaped the bowl.

Don’t do this.

Get a big bowl. BIG, BIG bowl.

Place the butter in a large microwave safe bowl with about half of the marshmallows. Microwave for 25-30 second. Quickly stir with a rubber spatula/scraper and add the rest of the marshmallows and microwave another 25-30 seconds.

Immediately stir the hot marshmallows until smooth.

Quickly spread the filling on one half of the sheet cake. If you let the mixture cool too much it gets harder and stickier.

Lay the second half of the cake on top of the first one.

I got 12 normal sized sandwiches out of my sheet cake. I always make a small batch when trying out something new. And since it was just my sister and I for the weekend, this was more than enough dessert for us.

Carrot Cake Sandwich

If this whole melting marshmallows and rushing to frost a cake thing is not for you, I am sure the marshmallow fluff in the jar would work easier. I can’t guarantee because I have never used the stuff(oh, my sheltered life), but you gotta use what you got. We had a crazy amount of carrot and marshmallows this past weekend, so that is what I used. And it turned out tasting great!

Carrot Cake Sandwich


3 responses to “Carrot Cake Sandwiches – part 2

  1. So simple, So messy, So delicious….So fattening!

  2. im a friend of dana…the friend of spain and i have hangry in the end of the blog. the picture of the sanwich, mainly, it seems beautiful. when i have time i will pay atention to the sauce of the ribs. regards of javier.

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