I had an idea…

I fell in love with the most beautiful patriotic red and blue star quilt at Pottery Barn. But over three hundred dollars was more than out of my price range. So I got it in my head that I could make my own quilt. I went in search of red and blue fabric that was similar to the Pottery Barn quilt. At some point I realized that instead of trying to find the fabric I had in mind, I should just see what was out there and what I liked.

I found these little beauties! Notice how they look so good against my duvet cover? It is like it was meant to be.

So I got busy planning. Not as easy as I thought. But after a couple of hour researching tidbit from the interwebs and learning about quilting blocks, I came up with a simple design.

Yep, I am that prepared! I made my design with colors and all and printed it out so I would not make any mistakes and everything would look as random as I planned it!!

With all my planning, I made one huge amateur mistake. I did not take into account that pre-washing fabric would cause a substantial amount of fraying. I lost about an inch or so, and had to resize my squares from 8 inch square, to 7 1/2 inch square. I also increased the width of the sashing to 2 1/2 inches to keep the quilting blocks 10 inches and my total quilt 90 inches square. Crisis adverted.

The fabric all cut to size and ready to start piecing together.

Sew one square and one sashing rectangle together.

Press seam to the darker side of the fabric. I think I spent more time at the ironing board than at the sewing machine. It also doesn’t help that it is regularly around 100 degrees outside and Texas is having a pretty severe drought. All that ironing in all this heat is draining.

Sew one sashing rectangle to a small square.

I chain sewed them together, one after the next without cutting the tread.

Chain sewing saves time and it keeps all the pieces together. I just snipped them apart as I pressed them.

That is the first part and so far so good. I hope to finish up and get more pictures soon.


One response to “I had an idea…

  1. Wow, that quilt is going to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see it after you’ve made more progress!

    I just thought I’d give you a heads up that this week is Fabric Giveaway Week on the Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog! I’m going to be giving away a bit of fabric each day this week, so be sure to come by & enter! Here’s a link to today’s giveaway:

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