More Quilt

With all the printed blocks cut and sewn to one sashing, I had to lay out the entire quilt to make sure I got everything in the right place.

I then numbered each square and laid out the coordinating small square that joins the sashing to border the printed blocks.

The whole quilt was skewing too much towards green. A trip to the fabric store and a beautiful brown print and a solid blue small square joined the party. Woo-hoo!!

Each printed block got sewn with both sashing rectangles and small solid square. Then all the ironing.

More pressing and more pressing. It took hours!!

With all the blocks sewn and pressed, it was time to start putting it all together. I started with the 4 middle block and I’m working my way out. I guess this is not the typical way. Most of what I read instructed me to sew my blocks into row and then sew the rows together. This would most likely have been faster but I was so concerned about my blocks matching up. It is taking a long time, especially stopping to press all seams. But it is coming together much more effortlessly than I anticipated.

Everyone talks about how hard it can be to make a quilt. I chose a simple design and haven’t had too many problems or challenges. The hard part is the time it takes to execute. Soooo much attention to detail.


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