I have procrastinated. I kept telling myself not to start something new until I finish the quilt. But because I am not very confident with free hand machine quilting, I have avoided the quilt. I have started new projects and been cooking some delicious dishes but haven’t been working on blog posts about them. So, I plan to dig in and finish this quilt one way or another before the weekend is over.  Then I can start working on sharing the new projects and food that have been patiently waiting.

So this is what I have done very slowly over the past two weeks with the quilt.

I placed the quilt top and the backing right sides together and then stacked them on the batting. I sewed around all four sides leaving about 18 inches open in the middle of one side.

Flipped the insides to the outside and poked out the corners as nicely as I could get them.

Stitch up the hole. This was tedious because I had to make sure I caught the batting and both top and back of the quilt and keep the stitches even and hidden. And I don’t know why this picture is so out of focus(it looks horrible, I’m sorry, I try my best!)

All sewn up. WooHoo.

I have decided for my sanity I am ditching the idea of a free form pattern and I am going to ‘stitch in the ditch’, the term used for quilting by following the seams between the fabric square(I think). I hope it turns out well. Keep your fingers crossed that by Monday I will have a finished quilt.


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