Woo Hoo!! I’m done.

I finally finished the quilt. It took a long time but it is done.

I worked all day and into the late afternoon but got it done. My sister’s A/C broke this weekend so I didn’t work on it until Sunday afternoon and finished up today. Don’t ask what my sister’s broken A/C has to do with working(or not working) on my quilt Saturday. It has nothing to do with it but I am using it as my excuse.

I started by pinning the quilt sandwich together in a few places(probably less than I should have) so the layers stay together as I stitched.

I stitched along all my seams, skipping every other row.

Then I went back to stitch to rows I skipped. I sewed lots and LOTS of rows!!

And finally late this afternoon I stitched my last row and last stitches.

I still have to pull through my treads and tie them up and trim off all my threads. But that is just details!

Isn’t it so pretty? I am so proud of myself.

Mission accomplished!


2 responses to “Woo Hoo!! I’m done.

  1. We were just checking to see if you finished It Looks Great….good job

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