Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!

I discovered baking bacon in the oven about a year and a half ago. A tiny kitchen apartment and making waffles, bacon and eggs for dinner on a family game night, I didn’t have the time or space to babysit frying bacon. It was out of necessity that I cooked the bacon in the oven.

I took the roasting pan with the slotted tray and laid the bacon out and popped it in the oven. I didn’t have to pay attention to it and could focus on the waffle making.

Amazing! It came out of the oven and all the grease had dripped away. The bacon was crisp and melted, MELTED, in your mouth. I don’t know how I lived without oven baked bacon before this.

I do know I never loved bacon this much. It was always greasy and chewy or burnt. Not anymore.

I haven’t had that pan for a awhile, it wasn’t mine. But my sister showed me her trick and it works great!

An aluminum foil accordion!

Just fold the foil back and forth. Spread the foil out in a sided cookie sheet. I lined the cookie sheet with foil then put down the folded foil on top to minimize clean up.

Place the bacon on top of the foil, making sure not to press down. The bacon grease needs a lot of space to puddle underneath the bacon and the bacon need to be out of the grease to get crispy.

If I am feeling particularly naughty, I sprinkle a little brown sugar on the bacon. The brown sugar caramelizes on top of the bacon and creates a sweet crispy coating.

Bake at 400* for about 20 minutes, more or less depending on the thickness of the bacon.

I don’t know why all the after pictures are so bad, but this was the best of the bunch. You can see the amazing pecan cinnamon rolls better than the bacon, but I’m saving those for later.


One response to “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!

  1. My first time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

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