There is a chill in the air here in Texas and that means no more 100 degree temps and you can actually wear long sleeves! In a month or so we actually get to wear sweaters. Its my favorite time of the year. The holidays are in sight, memories of family, food, and fun flood in and cooler weather brings on feelings of snuggling up in a cozy blanket surrounded by loved ones.

Along with all that, the cooler weather also makes garage projects less of a punishment. This weekend was about getting ready with Fall decorations. We are still drowning in left over old fence boards… therefore… PUMPKINS!

And my handsome man got to enjoy the nice weather too!

Start with some leftover fence boards.

Cut to size. We made a couple different sizes to create some intrest.

Drill two holes in the middle of the top of the board.

Drill two holes in a piece of scrap that will become the stem of the pumpkin.

Find some wire and cut off pieces a few inches long.

Thread the wire through the holes at the top of the board(pumpkin) and the scrap piece(stem).

Twist together the wire on the back side and hammer it flat.

Screw a stake to bottom of the backside of the pumpkin.

Grab some food coloring because you don’t feel like purchasing orange paint. Mix the yellow and red together with a few inches of water in a can from dinner the night before.

Trying to get in a true orange is the hardest part of the whole project. It never is the same color on the board as it is in the can. It looks red but actually was very orange.

Paint the pumpkins with the food color/water mix.

Lay the pumpkin flat and let the food color soak in and stain the wood.

After letting the wooden pumpkins dry completely, spray with a clear coat if you do not want the food coloring to run or fade over time.

Various sizes, shapes and colors of wooden beads were strung on rustic looking twine and attached to the stem of some pumpkins.

There you have it: rustic, cute, recycled fall pumpkin yard decorations!


One response to “Pumpkins

  1. Ben H .Chamness

    You are getting real handy in the shop…..watch you fingers….they look very good and creative Nana & PopB

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