Jack O Lantern Jars

Halloween is so very close and I have one more idea for decorations. This comes to us from the people over at Martha Stewart. These painted jars look so cute filled with candy, but I think they would be absolutely adorable with little tealight candles lit up inside.

So grab the glass jars out of the recycling bin.

Wrap the jars and tape the rim so that paint over-spray doesn’t ruin the shiny effect on the outside of the jar.

Get a can of orange spray paint. Thank you Margaret for the left over can. This project ended up costing me nothing but my time. Awesome!

Spray inside the jars. Don’t be like me and try to cover everything evenly on the first go. A few very thin coats will do the trick. The glass is so slick that if you get too much paint in there, it just runs down to the bottom. And yes, I was wearing a trash bag over my clothes. I am a size 13 gallon in case you are wondering.

(I also wasn’t taking the pictures while painting so the focus in the picture is not where I would have put it.)

Just make sure to get the inside surface cover as best you can with 3-5 coats, letting each coat dry about 20-30 minutes. Then let to jars dry overnight, especially if the paint has pooled at the bottom.

Unwrap the jars and admire your handy work.

You can see that the jars are kinda streaky because I didn’t do thin coats. The one on the left is really bad, but I think it will actually look more interesting when lit up.

Apply tape to one side of the jar(or two sides, or three sides) and draw on facial features. Use an X-acto knife or other blade to cut the tape and peel away the areas that you want.

I used a Sharpie to color in the faces but you can use paint and brush it on or even tape off the rest of the jar and spray paint the face.

Peel away the tape to reveal the face.

Drop in a tealight and enjoy the romantic glow of these Jack O Lantern Jars!

This guy is just so cute, I can’t stand it!!!

caution**** Jars can get quite warm with burning candles inside. Never leave a burning candle unattended!!

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