Its been a long weekend

I was going to work on posting about a new project but my sister was over this weekend rebuilding her computer. I was at the fabric store Saturday, and yesterday I tried to make gnocchi and do laundry. Not to mention Emily Henderson put out a holiday guide in which my fav fashion blogger, Maegan Tintari,  was featured. So I was completely side tracked this weekend shopping online, visiting with family and trying to make a new dish(new to me). But I will give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on.

The other day, we visited a cute little upscale pet store in the Heights. Someone wanted to show me “the cutest little dog bed with owls all over it!”.  I like owls, so apparently I HAD to see this… but, it was sold out. The clerk talked about how they kept selling out but gave us the name of the manufactured and said they sell on their website.

I got home and looked them up and found the most adorable dog sofa. Then I almost fainted when I looked down at the price. I love my little man(dog) but it was just ridiculous.

Besides the exorbitant price, my baby is a large one and the dog sofas didn’t come in a size that I thought he would be comfortable on. He normally takes up about half of the people sofa when he is all stretched out and routinely hangs over the edge of his dog beds.

I got ambitious. And a couple of days, a couple of hour planning and a couple(15) dollars later I had wooden frame for a dog sofa.

Yep, I am now making upholstered furniture for my dog. Its going to be great! I hope…

Links: the frame, the support, the wrapping


One response to “Its been a long weekend

  1. Suz, I love it and if it turns out cute you can sell them! Make a living off of something you like. Let us know how they turn out.

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