The Dog Sofa: The Frame

The frame for the dog sofa:

I made the whole frame out of 2x4s. It just seemed easier, more simple, less complicated.

Start by deciding the measurements of the cushion/seat. Theo’ is 28 x 36 inches.  Then add 1.5 inches to the measurements of the short sides.

4 short sides, 3 long sides and 4 super short uprights

Measure the distance from the blade of the saw and place a scrape piece to act as a stop.

Clamp the stop down  really well.

Cut all the sides of one length then reposition the stop and cut the others.

Using a pocket hole jig,

drill holes in the 7 longest boards.

Using the 4 sides and the 4 uprights screw together 2 rectangles.

Measure and mark the height of the seat. I placed Theo’s at 6.5 inches. Screw the three long sides into the rectangles.

I placed the seat support on the back in the same orientation as the top back support instead of matching it with  the front. I had to put in extra blocks the support the rotation. I would not do this again. It wasn’t worth it and didn’t make pulling the seat support any easier.

Screw everything together nice and tight.

All put together. Next time, seat support.

Links: the supportthe wrapping


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