After eating a big Thanksgiving meal, it was time to decorate for Christmas at my grandparents. My sister and I hung up lights outside and put up the Christmas tree.

We had a lot of fun. It is always great to spend time with my sister.

The top of the tree this year includes both Mr. and Mrs. Clause and a lighted star.

Beads and flowers went on next.

Handmade ornaments that my Dad and Aunt made when they were young.

Then a collection of bells,

a crystal ballerina, my Nana’s handmade snowflakes,

beautiful angels, and everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

Even a stained glass JOY. My sister made the executive to try to put on every ornament in the box.  We tried very had and almost succeeded.

The tree is very full this year. I am very glad it is because we will be missing my cousins this year.

Even Theo got in the holiday decorating mood this year!


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