Dog Sofa: The Fluffiness

Fluffiness. It is a word, I double checked.

Now that all the holiday craziness has died down it is time to get back to my projects. Everything has been on hold for a couple of weeks with holiday travel and getting ready for a huge garage sale, it was nice to get back to working on Theo’s sofa. I already felt guilty that I didn’t get it finished before Christmas. But at least I had the frame and  the seat done so he has been enjoying it anyhow.

I really couldn’t nail down a good method to cover the frame with fluff. Just fill up the staple gun and go at it.

First, I wrapped the arms and back with fabric as a base for the batting.

I used two types of fluff: quilt batting(fluffy polyester junk) and quilter’s cotton(blanket-like, soft, 80% cotton).

Then I started with the arms and wrapped those in the fluffy batting to give lots of cushion for Theo to rest his head on.

Then I wrapped the back, keeping in mind that I will be adding a very thick cushion on the seat.

Next, I covered all the fluffy stuff with the quilter’s cotton, trying to pull and stretch using the least amount of separate pieces as possible. Does that make sense?

Make sure to get everything all fluff-ified; that is not a word but hopefully you get it.

Then cover everything with fabric.

Wrapping the fabric around the arms,

around to the bottom.

Pulling the fabric around to cover the back.

Get everything all wrapped up and cushioned. In the end, try to achieve 4 layers: fabric, thick batting, quilter’s cotton, and a final layer of fabric.

Now I have to find a seat cushion and upholster everything. Lots of planning, and sewing to do.

Links: the framethe support


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