Chicken Enchiladas/Burritos

Are they enchiladas because you  cover them with “enchilada sauce”?

Are they burritos because they are made with flour tortillas?

Are they either when you roll them without tucking in the sides?

No one is actually going to answer these questions, are they?

All I know is that enchilada or burrito, these things are delicious. Cheese and chicken rolled inside a flour tortilla, covered with spicy red sauce(ok, mild red sauce because I am a baby). Heck yeah! And leftovers are just as good.


flour tortillas
can of enchilada sauce
grated cheddar
cooked, shredded chicken
green bell pepper, julienned

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Cook  the bell pepper over medium heat just until the edges brown.

Pour about 1/4 of the can of enchilada sauce in the bottom of a baking dish.

Place a tortilla down and pile in the chicken.

Add a healthy amount of cheese.

I added a spoonful of the enchilada sauce on top of the cheese. The chicken I used was boiled and leftover from another dinner, so it was pretty flavorless.

Insert a pepper here^^^^^^^

Roll it up!

Then repeat until pan is full.

Make sure the seam is to the bottom of the pan.

Pour on the remaining sauce.

All over….. mmmmmm

Get it fully covered.

Throw on some more cheese. Yep, deliciousness!!

Bake until heated all the way through and the cheese is melted and starting to get crusty.


One response to “Chicken Enchiladas/Burritos

  1. It really look good

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