Cooking, crafting, and just generally creating.

I have been cooking for over 20 years. That is amazing to say that. I started baking with my Nana before I could even read. We always made cookies or cakes. I always thought she was so amazing. I never really understood that she always used a box mix. I was in awe of her and her skills. I still love to cook with her, but I have also been teaching myself how to cook form scratch. I still love baking more than anything else. And I really love eating everything I bake up.

But that  is not the end of the story about my Nana. She is an artist. She painted that most beautiful paintings. She crafts, knits, sews. She is a jack of all trades. I got a little of her artistic flair. I’m not as amazing of a painter as she but I do craft my share of crafts.

I build too. I am a Daddy’s Girl and enjoyed spending the weekends in the garage with my dad while my sister and mother shopped. All grown up now and I still love to hang out in the garage building things with my father. I have built many things over the years and always excited when I have a project to construct. I hope to document a lot of my adventures in cooking, crafting and constructing so I can look back and know that none of it was a complete waste of time. And if all my sweat and frustrations interest anyone else or motivate anyone else, that is just icing of the cake.

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  1. We wondered if you would finish the quilt over the week-end and it looks great…you do nice work…CUL

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